About Paraphysical

What is Paraphysical.com?

Paraphysical experiences are those events that happen, but seem unlikely or impossible by normal standards. These events often have a magical or surreal quality about them. They might involve encounters with aliens or fairies, time speeding up or slowing down, or portals into other realities.

It’s our belief that these events are far more common than people realize. There is a strong impulse in many of us to repress these types of experiences and pretend that they never happened, rather than have to shift our beliefs to allow for a larger view of reality.

We chose the term paraphysical over paranormal because in our opinion these events are very normal. Granted, they are probably not part of your daily routine, but they are as normal as observing a strange bird land in your yard or seeing a bear for the first time. We are moving past the need to “prove” these things scientifically. There is plenty of proof out there for those who seek it, and for those who refuse to believe, no amount of proof will ever be enough.

This website isn’t solely about “alien” experiences and UFOs, but about magical synchronicities, unusual events that don’t follow the typical rules of physical reality, odd creatures/beings, out of body experiences, and other novel or startling expansions of consciousness.


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