Ten Thousand Years or Ten Minutes

The other day I was listening to UFO Undercover with Joe Montaldo  in which he mentioned that the aliens have been abducting people for at least ten thousand years. I don’t doubt the validity of this statement, however there is something obvious that Joe, nor any other radio/podcast host I’ve listened too has mentioned, and that’s the non-linear nature of time.

Human beings have a perception of linear time, it moves smoothly from past to present to future, this perception is a wonderful thing, it basically defines the way our lives and experiences unfold, however it has been known for years that it is also an illusion. Time is actually a non-linear phenomenon, this has been known since Einstein was around, which is something really hard to grasp when you are living a linear existence.

On the other hand, if you’re some sort of extra-dimensional being, whose perceptions are not linear as humans are. you might be able to manipulate time in ways that human beings can only imagine.  The aliens might be able to look at our lives, even the thousands of years of our existence in the same manner we might look at the still images on an old reel film.

Imagine the film of your life laid out in front of you, each moment it’s own separate image from birth to death. Now imagine you had the ability to step into that film at any of these points and alter things. This is, what I suspect, the aliens have the ability to do with us.

Of course, all sorts of questions arise, such as what, if anything, changes when the aliens step in? Do we have multiple futures or even multiple pasts that unfold anew with every disruption? I don’t have any answers, except my own belief that there are changes, and that we do have both multiple probable futures and multiple probable pasts. The future ones are easy to conceive of but the past on the other hand can be very disturbing.

For better or worse, we base most of our identities on our past. Our name, date of birth, parents and other family members, all require a history to have meaning to us. Changing these seems impossible, or an exercise in delusion in which only the perceiver would have new memories and the rest of the world would still remember the “true” event. The same is not necessarily true for alien beings.

If you are an experiencer, consider for a moment that the aliens initially discovered you somewhere in the midpoint of your life. You somehow got too close to an open portal which they use to access our world and they could not just perceive you in the present, but see your past and future laid out before them. For whatever reason, you’ve piqued their interest, whatever agenda they have, you meet their criteria, so they insert themselves into the linear experience of your life.

These beings can pick the most opportune moments to catch you alone, even if it’s only been seconds since someone else left the room. Even though you may have just come into their awareness only minutes or hours earlier, they can very quickly insert themselves into your past, creating all sorts of memories either good or bad, which will eventually come flooding back to you.

In a wider perspective, the same thing is true for humankind. Have they really been  around all these centuries in such a linear fashion? I doubt it. If I had the ability to step outside of the linear experience of time, I wouldn’t plod through it at the normal pace. I would jump to the significant points in my project, and if I didn’t like the way it was developing I would just  jump back to make some adjustments. What appears to take centuries might only be a few hours work from the alien’s perspective, and their whole project might be only be taking up a few years of their own time.

What does this mean for us experiencers? It does give us a new way to look at things. Is that newly recovered memory really something that happened twenty years ago, or did an alien just paste a new experience into the story of your life? It takes some of the warm fuzziness away from the “we’ve been watching you since childhood” line. It’s like catching up on earlier seasons of your favorite TV show on Hulu, which takes a lot less effort than being a loyal fan from the beginning.

It also has broad implications for those people who study synchronicities in relation to UFO’s. If you can step out of the time stream and manipulate events, then you can easily create these meaningful coincidences. A staged synchronicity is simply a manipulation and has no inherent meaning. However, it would be difficult for a person to sort out the fake synchronicities from the real ones. Imagine how much validity the alien’s words might have, when backed by all these meaningful coincidences happening around you.

I realize that I have no proof of these ideas. You could easily argue that if the aliens can manipulate time, why don’t they get more of their future predictions right? I have no real answers, and freely admit that I may be completely wrong. However, the deeper I look into this subject, the more I realize we have to suspend our basic assumptions about reality itself. Whatever the agendas of these beings are, we will not understand them by looking at it from a normal human perspective. I’m hoping this concept will add some new thoughts into the mix and help formulate a better understanding of those agendas.

Time Travel Experience

Back in the early 90’s, I was on a camping trip in Vermont. Even though it was late June, they had a serious cold spell and the temperatures dropped overnight into the mid-twenties.

I went to sleep that night with all my clothes piled on my sleeping bag for extra warmth. I was freezing and I didn’t think I would get any sleep at all. The next thing I remembered was waking up in my bed at home, intuitively I knew that I didn’t belong there but I wasn’t sure what was going on just yet. My body was a little achy from sleeping too long, that’s the sort of detail I don’t usually experience in dreams, so I felt that this was a waking experience.

I could hear my mother mopping the floors in the upstairs hallway, and I could smell the scent of pine cleaner drifting into the room. I got out of bed and my Shih-tzu was there, wagging his tail and looking for attention. He had been paraplegic since the late 80’s, but here he was in front of me with all four legs working normally. I remembered going to sleep in Vermont and kept saying to myself that I “don’t belong here.”

I spoke with my Mom briefly, she said something that clued me in on the exact time frame, it was seven years in the past. I didn’t want to be there, so I decided to lay back down on my bed again and try to sleep. Almost instantly I woke up, shivering cold in my sleeping bag in Vermont again.